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Being Bullied

As we all know it is hard to go up to someone and tell them that the way they treat you is hurtful. It takes courage to stand up to everyone when all they do is hurt you and put you down. Bullying is something that happens all over the world; it happens in the workplace, too. It is one of those things that is hard to face alone. Every year 15 million are bullied and 190,000 of those commit suicide. Taylor and Scott are brothers and wanted to do something to stop bullying. At first, they didn’t think that kids actually got bullied. They submitted a video for their contest; their video was one of those that you see on YouTube where kids hold up signs of words that were said to them that hurt them. Taylor’s principal wanted the boys to present their video at school. At first, the boys didn’t think that the video was that great; however, the principal loved it and wanted the boys to go to other schools and present their video. When they showed the video to their school some of the kids that bullied others felt terrible that they could ever say words that hurt someone. Kids that are bullied don’t usually feel comfortable telling their parents; they feel more comfortable telling other kids that have been though the same thing. Taylor and Scott’s video made it to Nationals and they got invited to the White House in the Federal Department; they were chosen as the national spokespersons. Their video was shown on the Today Show. In the video, Taylor talks about how he became friends with Elizabeth; his friends judged her and they bullied her through Facebook. Tormenting Elizabeth went so far that someone put up a status about how she could kill herself. Taylor heard a story about a kid on the radio; the kid took his life away because he was bullied. Scott didn’t bully Elizabeth; however, he never did anything to help her either. After everyone realized that they were hurting Elizabeth, they apologized. Taylor never imagined that he would be a vicitm, but in his senior year he was bullied. Taylor and Scott have made a big difference all over the world. Contributed by Carmen Lopez, 2014 Media Team Member


  1. I hate seeing people get bullied. It makes me mad and wonder how someone can treat someone else so badly. I always try to be nice to everyone because you never know what they have going on at home or at school.

  2. I agree bullying is a real thing. It hurts when you get bullied, nobody wants to hear how there not good enough or how ugly or fat they are. Bullying is mean, cruel, and shouldnt happend. Bullying should be put to a stop! Im glad they made a difference but it should have never happend in the first place.