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A Start with STAR Events

Everyone knows that it is difficult at first when you begin something new, whether you are starting at a new school, beginning high school, or joining a new club. The thought of being new at something is sometimes frightening and a little nerve-wracking. Today many FCCLA students are competing in STAR events (Students Taking Action with Recognition), attending workshops, and improving on their career preparation skills. Among the swarm of members walking through the hotel hallway preparing to give speeches or presentations, or even take a test, are those individuals who have never participated in STAR events before. Let’s see how they are holding up. “I was extremely nervous. I definitely did not realize how much planning went into this. I learned that I could be a public speaker if I really tried. Our president strongly encouraged us to do our best even when we wanted to give up. I am extremely grateful for that.” –Brittany Region 13 “Before I decided what to do, my advisor mentioned doing a project on safe and sober driving. I stepped up to the plate and took on this task, not fully aware of what I was getting myself into. With this project, I wanted to educate middle school students on this issue. As they get older, I figured their opinions would be more difficult to change. They would already know a little on driving and whether or not they can see themselves drinking in the future. Sometimes a student will begin these acts because of peer pressure, either in their family or with their friends. I wanted to address this issue with them before this could hopefully happen. I do not normally speak well in front of others, nor do I enjoy doing so. After my principal had me present in front of a few grades several times, I feel more confident in my ability to present as well as in my project itself. I feel like I am making a difference.” -Kayla Region 8 If you are new to STAR events, or even FCCLA, you are not alone. There are many students just like you who are anxious about how well they will perform in their event. This is completely normal. As an experienced STAR event participant, here are some tips to ensure your presentation, speech, or test day runs smoothly. • Have your presentation/speech ready to go at least 30 minutes to an hour before presentation time. • Have your speech memorized and your notecards organized. • Practice your presentation in front of a group and receive constructive criticism. These remarks actually help your presentation style greatly. • Even though your nerves will have escalated through the roof by presentation time, remember to calm down and speak clearly and slowly without dragging it out. Remember, just have a great time and show the judges your passion for your event or cause. 2014 FCCLA State Leadership Conference is meant to unleash your potential and energy. Use this to present your act in the greatest show on Earth! Contributed by Natasha Bailey, 2014 Media Team

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  1. STAR Events are a great way to get FCCLA members involved with FCCLA. I have done a STAR Event that was difficult at first. My advisor told me some of those tips and they helped me very much!