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Hypnotist Brings His “Powers” to State

Brian Powers has been practicing the art of hypnotism for twenty years. He has been working directly with FCCLA for twelve years. Powers bought an entertainment business and started receiving calls for hypnotists. Since he had always had an interest in hypnotism, Powers took up the practice. He works mostly with corporations and businesses, however he also works at cruise ships, proms, and graduations.
At the beginning of the show, I did not believe that I could be hypnotized. The longer the show went on, and the more I laughed, the more I believed. It was obvious the participants were not conscious during the ceremony, except for the few that awakened early. After a long stressful day of competing and attending sessions, I can speak for everyone that a good laugh was needed. Powers explained to me that while making people laugh and feel good is wonderful, it is not his favorite part of being a hypnotist. He states,”I love showing people unusual things that happen in their minds, they become more than they think they can.”   
Submitted by Morgan McCart, 2015 Media Team


It’s Time to Meet the Candidates

When asked the question “What made you want to run for state office?”, I got the following responses.

Savannah from Region 12 responds with, “I knew freshmen year when I came to state, and I saw all the red jackets, I knew one day I wanted to wear one.”  FCCLA is an organization that Savannah is passionate about and becoming a state officer gave her an opportunity to show that passion. Being on stage is a great way for her to do that. “The most important thing to me is inspiring others the way I was inspired.”

Bryce from Region 1 met state officers in 7th grade and became friends with them. “Ever since then, I became dedicated to FCCLA’s purposes and bettering my leadership skills.” He gets support from friends and advisors.

When asked “What does it take to run for a state office?” I got a lot of responses about long nights of learning FCCLA facts and writing and memorizing “killer” speeches. Running for state office takes a lot of courage, as you’re putting yourself out there, and having to speak in front of thousands of people. Savannah from Region 12 says, “running for state office takes a lot of dedication as you represent everything FCCLA.”

Do you have what it takes to be a state officer?

Contributed by Carissa Gooch, Media Team 2015

About the Author: My name is Carissa Gooch, I'm a junior at Bolivar High School. I'm the Bolivar FCCLA Chapter President and Student Council's Junior Class President. I run track and play volleyball for my school and I enjoy taking pictures, reading and hanging out with friends.


2014-2015 and 2015-2016 State Executive Councils Dinner

Every year at the State Leadership Conference, FCCLA hosts a dinner for the State Executive Council (SEC), advisors, and their friends and family. The purpose of the dinner is to acknowledge and thank the prior and incoming SEC, and recognize recipients of awards and scholarships. For example, there was a tribute to school administrators and advisors; they were nominated as part of the Missouri FCCLA Award Applicant process. Also in attendance were friends and family of the State Executive Council members who were also recognized. As the meal was served and enjoyed, a PowerPoint presentation of the previous year’s SEC was played. The evening ended with an emotional Ms. Donna Sharpe thanking her first SEC for being so hard-working and making her experience enjoyable. Thank you to Ms. Donna Sharpe for all you do for Missouri FCCLA! Contributed by Kate Sweiger

About the Author: Senior at Maysville R-1 High School, Chapter President, planning on attending Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri and majoring in Health Administration.

Stand Your Ground

Joel Penton played 5 years of football for the Ohio State Buckeyes. He was a participant of three Big Ten championship teams as well as a member of the National Championship team. Since his time on the field, he has earned his position as one of the nation’s leading youth motivational speakers. Joel has spoken to nearly half a million people since he has started his career. He hopes to inspire others with his positive message for others to make a commitment to themselves to stand their ground.

           Joel brings an inspirational, real-life message to his audience that he hopes will make an impact on many high school students. He talks about peer pressure and how he stayed with his commitment to stay away from anything he knew that could get him into trouble. Even when his friends ditched him and he had no one left, he still never threw away his commitment to himself and it is what lead him to where he is today, playing football on a full ride scholarship for Ohio State. Contributed by Sidney Mortenson, Media Team 2015
About the Author: I am a senior at Tipton High School. I love to spend time with my family and friends outside of school. I plan to attend State Fair Community College on my A+ scholarship with a major in Radiation Therapy.