The New FCCLA Year

School is now in full swing and so is FCCLA! The SEC has tons of new activities planned for Fall Leadership and the State Leadership Conference! We all are really looking forward to meeting so many new people, and experience so many new things. Check out all of our social media sites to stay up-to-date with all things happening with Missouri FCCLA. We want to increase likes/followers on all of them so don't forget to check them out. Have a great school year, and a successful FCCLA experience!


A Start with STAR Events

Everyone knows that it is difficult at first when you begin something new, whether you are starting at a new school, beginning high school, or joining a new club. The thought of being new at something is sometimes frightening and a little nerve-wracking. Today many FCCLA students are competing in STAR events (Students Taking Action with Recognition), attending workshops, and improving on their career preparation skills. Among the swarm of members walking through the hotel hallway preparing to give speeches or presentations, or even take a test, are those individuals who have never participated in STAR events before. Let’s see how they are holding up. “I was extremely nervous. I definitely did not realize how much planning went into this. I learned that I could be a public speaker if I really tried. Our president strongly encouraged us to do our best even when we wanted to give up. I am extremely grateful for that.” –Brittany Region 13 “Before I decided what to do, my advisor mentioned doing a project on safe and sober driving. I stepped up to the plate and took on this task, not fully aware of what I was getting myself into. With this project, I wanted to educate middle school students on this issue. As they get older, I figured their opinions would be more difficult to change. They would already know a little on driving and whether or not they can see themselves drinking in the future. Sometimes a student will begin these acts because of peer pressure, either in their family or with their friends. I wanted to address this issue with them before this could hopefully happen. I do not normally speak well in front of others, nor do I enjoy doing so. After my principal had me present in front of a few grades several times, I feel more confident in my ability to present as well as in my project itself. I feel like I am making a difference.” -Kayla Region 8 If you are new to STAR events, or even FCCLA, you are not alone. There are many students just like you who are anxious about how well they will perform in their event. This is completely normal. As an experienced STAR event participant, here are some tips to ensure your presentation, speech, or test day runs smoothly. • Have your presentation/speech ready to go at least 30 minutes to an hour before presentation time. • Have your speech memorized and your notecards organized. • Practice your presentation in front of a group and receive constructive criticism. These remarks actually help your presentation style greatly. • Even though your nerves will have escalated through the roof by presentation time, remember to calm down and speak clearly and slowly without dragging it out. Remember, just have a great time and show the judges your passion for your event or cause. 2014 FCCLA State Leadership Conference is meant to unleash your potential and energy. Use this to present your act in the greatest show on Earth! Contributed by Natasha Bailey, 2014 Media Team

Being Bullied

As we all know it is hard to go up to someone and tell them that the way they treat you is hurtful. It takes courage to stand up to everyone when all they do is hurt you and put you down. Bullying is something that happens all over the world; it happens in the workplace, too. It is one of those things that is hard to face alone. Every year 15 million are bullied and 190,000 of those commit suicide. Taylor and Scott are brothers and wanted to do something to stop bullying. At first, they didn’t think that kids actually got bullied. They submitted a video for their contest; their video was one of those that you see on YouTube where kids hold up signs of words that were said to them that hurt them. Taylor’s principal wanted the boys to present their video at school. At first, the boys didn’t think that the video was that great; however, the principal loved it and wanted the boys to go to other schools and present their video. When they showed the video to their school some of the kids that bullied others felt terrible that they could ever say words that hurt someone. Kids that are bullied don’t usually feel comfortable telling their parents; they feel more comfortable telling other kids that have been though the same thing. Taylor and Scott’s video made it to Nationals and they got invited to the White House in the Federal Department; they were chosen as the national spokespersons. Their video was shown on the Today Show. In the video, Taylor talks about how he became friends with Elizabeth; his friends judged her and they bullied her through Facebook. Tormenting Elizabeth went so far that someone put up a status about how she could kill herself. Taylor heard a story about a kid on the radio; the kid took his life away because he was bullied. Scott didn’t bully Elizabeth; however, he never did anything to help her either. After everyone realized that they were hurting Elizabeth, they apologized. Taylor never imagined that he would be a vicitm, but in his senior year he was bullied. Taylor and Scott have made a big difference all over the world. Contributed by Carmen Lopez, 2014 Media Team Member

Alumni Meeting

At the start, the attendees ate candy that was on the table. Those in charge, had the members put their name, school, and email on a piece of paper. The papers were put in a box and one name was drawn for a door prize. During the ice breaker, the members had to come up with a team name and do a cheer that involved the name. They reported that they recently redid the bylaws because the old ones still said FHA (Future Homemakers of America). They did elections for alumni officers. The new officers were as followed: President, Hilary; Vice President, Derrick; Vice President of Records, Cara; Vice President of Communications, Mikel; Vice President of Membership, Josie; Vice President of Community Service, Caleb; and Vice President of Finance, Tyler. At the end of the night, a guy took the microphone and asked a girl to prom. It was so sweet! Contributed by Michael Reynolds, 2014 Media Team


Parenting- Stresses and Responsibility

Today, at the Missouri FCCLA State Leadership Conference 2014, Rene Howitt gave a presentation in one of our leadership sessions entitled “Changing Our Parenting Experiences”. One of her main focuses was about how as a parent you have to change your perspective about yourself and how you have to become a different type of leader. She talked a lot about how to be a good leader and how to be a bad leader. Good leaders have plans for the future and can see the consequences for their actions. Bad leaders have no clue what is going to happen tomorrow and don’t understand the consequences of their actions. Bad leaders don’t have a plan for their future. One of the quotes that she had found was “Where there is no vision, the people will perish”. This means that if there is no plan as to what the future will hold, people will not succeed in the future. After talking about being a leader she switched over to how to be a parent. When you become a parent, you can no longer be self-centered, self-absorbed, self-serving, or self-indulgent. You now have to be selfless. A lot of times, self-centeredness comes back within 48 hours of a baby being born. Babies and small children are much smarter than people actually think they are. They see what is happening around them and most of the time end up catching on. Little kids won’t talk about what they haven’t seen or heard. Ask any preschool or kindergarten teacher about a child and they can tell you what is happening in that child’s home. Kids talk about what they know and they don’t know if something is good or bad. The main thing she wanted the students to get out of her session was to understand that it is your choice if you become a parent or not and she wanted them to think about parenting. Contributed by Aubrie Dial, 2014 Media Team Member

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