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Hypnotist Brings His “Powers” to State

Brian Powers has been practicing the art of hypnotism for twenty years. He has been working directly with FCCLA for twelve years. Powers bought an entertainment business and started receiving calls for hypnotists. Since he had always had an interest in hypnotism, Powers took up the practice. He works mostly with corporations and businesses, however he also works at cruise ships, proms, and graduations.
At the beginning of the show, I did not believe that I could be hypnotized. The longer the show went on, and the more I laughed, the more I believed. It was obvious the participants were not conscious during the ceremony, except for the few that awakened early. After a long stressful day of competing and attending sessions, I can speak for everyone that a good laugh was needed. Powers explained to me that while making people laugh and feel good is wonderful, it is not his favorite part of being a hypnotist. He states,”I love showing people unusual things that happen in their minds, they become more than they think they can.”   
Submitted by Morgan McCart, 2015 Media Team

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