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It’s Time to Meet the Candidates

When asked the question “What made you want to run for state office?”, I got the following responses.

Savannah from Region 12 responds with, “I knew freshmen year when I came to state, and I saw all the red jackets, I knew one day I wanted to wear one.”  FCCLA is an organization that Savannah is passionate about and becoming a state officer gave her an opportunity to show that passion. Being on stage is a great way for her to do that. “The most important thing to me is inspiring others the way I was inspired.”

Bryce from Region 1 met state officers in 7th grade and became friends with them. “Ever since then, I became dedicated to FCCLA’s purposes and bettering my leadership skills.” He gets support from friends and advisors.

When asked “What does it take to run for a state office?” I got a lot of responses about long nights of learning FCCLA facts and writing and memorizing “killer” speeches. Running for state office takes a lot of courage, as you’re putting yourself out there, and having to speak in front of thousands of people. Savannah from Region 12 says, “running for state office takes a lot of dedication as you represent everything FCCLA.”

Do you have what it takes to be a state officer?

Contributed by Carissa Gooch, Media Team 2015

About the Author: My name is Carissa Gooch, I'm a junior at Bolivar High School. I'm the Bolivar FCCLA Chapter President and Student Council's Junior Class President. I run track and play volleyball for my school and I enjoy taking pictures, reading and hanging out with friends.


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