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Stand Your Ground

Joel Penton played 5 years of football for the Ohio State Buckeyes. He was a participant of three Big Ten championship teams as well as a member of the National Championship team. Since his time on the field, he has earned his position as one of the nation’s leading youth motivational speakers. Joel has spoken to nearly half a million people since he has started his career. He hopes to inspire others with his positive message for others to make a commitment to themselves to stand their ground.

           Joel brings an inspirational, real-life message to his audience that he hopes will make an impact on many high school students. He talks about peer pressure and how he stayed with his commitment to stay away from anything he knew that could get him into trouble. Even when his friends ditched him and he had no one left, he still never threw away his commitment to himself and it is what lead him to where he is today, playing football on a full ride scholarship for Ohio State. Contributed by Sidney Mortenson, Media Team 2015
About the Author: I am a senior at Tipton High School. I love to spend time with my family and friends outside of school. I plan to attend State Fair Community College on my A+ scholarship with a major in Radiation Therapy.

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