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Getting Involved with Alumni and Associates

Everyone says high school doesn’t last forever, but with Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America, it can. Alumni and Associates is an organization that keeps you involved with FCCLA even after you graduate. Be a part of one of the best organizations around throughout college!

Alumni and Associates members run the FCCLA store you see at STATE conference and also the one at the Fall Leadership Conference. However, they are better known for fundraising and awarding scholarships to students furthering their education in Family and Consumer Sciences at the collegiate level. Former FCCLA members are always hard at work keeping the FCCLA spark lit around the great state of Missouri.
Getting involved with this dynamic organization is easy. Ask your advisor or check them out on Facebook for more information. There are dues to pay at the National level but none at the State level. Therefore, the broke college student excuse just won’t work for this one! Just remember, even though you are graduating doesn’t mean you have to stop daring to be different.

Contributed by Audrey Shuler, Former State Officer and Media Team Member

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