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Speaker Thomas Dismukes has spoken to many different FCCLA members. Here at the Missouri FCCLA State Leadership Conference Thomas says that he loves interacting with the Missouri FCCLA members. “They are high-quality, top notch students with great attitudes.” Dismukes said while he was preparing for his leadership session on Monday morning.

Thomas was the Opening General Session Keynote speaker for the 2012 State Leadership Conference. During the Keynote he told the members to use the word “Focus” as an acronym. F stands for putting “First Things First”. O stands for “Others”, where he meant to put others before yourself. C stands for character, communication, and consumption. The letter U stands for understanding and that you are never too old to learn or understand something new. The letter S stood for source, consider the source, smile, and self. Dismukes advice to all the FCCLA members is to “Hang on. Just hang on.” and to focus.

Contributed by Katie Danforth, Media Team Member

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