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Leaders to Watch

This year’s Missouri FCCLA has introduced a new program for up and coming leaders and members who have had leadership positions in the past. The program was adopted from the national level and has been brought to the state level. Missouri State President, Caleb Hearon says that the qualities that makeup a suitable leader to watch would be professionalism and knowing when to lead and knowing when to step down. He says, “Even if you are national president or state president, or even just a chapter president, sometimes it isn’t your time to shine. Sometimes it’s someone else’s time to shine…you have to know how to follow to be a good leader.”

Three high school members and three middle school members will be honored with the title of Leader to Watch. FCCLA members can vote on three students in which they would like to be selected. Hearon encourages members to apply for the program again next year and he says this is one of the additions that has made this year’s State Leadership Conference the best one yet. Winners will be recognized at the Closing Session on Tuesday.

Contributed by Alyssa Glasgow, Media Team Member

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