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Chapter Spotlight: Tipton FCCLA

Submitted by Kimberlie Koechner, Vice President of Community Service. 

With the holiday season underway, the Tipton FCCLA Chapter has found a way to help ensure that children at the University of Missouri Children’s Hospital receive Christmas gifts this year. We are having a toy drive! Tipton FCCLA teamed up with Tipton FBLA to raise publicity and get as many people involved as possible.

The project is called the Christmas Wish List Drive and is taking place for three weeks at Tipton High School. The University of Missouri Children’s Hospital has a wish list available on their website for toys and items that are very much needed. The Christmas Wish List Drive is a contest at my school. Each grade has their own box to fill with toys and the grade who has the most items at the end of three weeks is the winner! The Tipton Basketball Tournament began last week and members thought that the community could also get involved if we had boxes at the tournament for them to donate items. Our boxes keep getting fuller each day and Tipton FCCLA can’t wait to deliver the toys!


1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a great service project that this school has going on. It is always wonderful to see how competition can be used to help those in need!