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Timberland HS Leading the Way to Stop Teens from Smoking

Post submitted by Jennifer Caimi, chapter advisor.  Thanks!

Timberland High School’s Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) celebrated the American Cancer Society’s 35th Great American Smokeout on November 18, 2010 in a big way! As students entered the school they were greeted with a sucker with an anti-smoking message, while students wrote announcements for each period that discussed the anti-tobacco message.

Lunch was highlighted by the display that was organized by THS Senior, Megan Harshaw. There was a large array of anti-smoking materials that students could share with friends and family. Lake St. Louis Alderman, John Pellerito came to share the anti-smoking message with THS students. Two costumed helpers were a great draw to the anti-smoking display….FCCLA’ers had a member in a full gas mask with a sign that read “YES, I MIND IF YOU SMOKE”, and a human sized cigarette with a large red “NOT” symbol. Also at the display was “Great American Smokeout” banner, signing, a compilation of anti-smoking ads from around the globe, and FCCLA members with the resounding anti-smoking message. The final aspect of the display was a “smoking section” in the cafeteria with simulated smoke, a well aged smoker (in theater make up done by Melissa Queen-Couch), and displays of tar, phlegm, and a clock that illustrated the fact that there is a cancer related death every six seconds. FCCLA is proud to help spread the American Cancer Society’s message and looks forward to our May 6, 2011 Relay For Life!

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