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Fashion, Science, and Technology

I've written before about science and fashion design, and I couldn't resist writing about it again today. If you follow Diana Eng's Fashion Nerd blog, you know she launched a new project called "Fairytale Fashion." Sounds like fluff at first...but watch her first fashion design challenge/question video and you'll see it's anything but. Know anything about biomimetic deployable structures? Well, I didn't - I'm going to guess most of your students don't either.

What a great way to get students really thinking - I hope if you teach fashion constuction or design, you might have students participate in her ongoing project. The project takes place through December 2009.

I've embedded the video from her blog here, but you can also visit her site "Fairytale Fashion: using technology to turn make-believe into reality"

Invite your science, math, or technology education teacher to view the site too. She has a list of upcoming episodes posted including topics such as deployable structures, electric fashion, and thermochromatic ink and conductive thread. You might just be able to do some really great team-teaching and sharing.

Students who are interested in this type of design could turn that interest into a really different Illustrated Talk, Recycle & Redesign, Fashion Construction, or Fashion Design competitive STAR Events project.

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