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USA Training - Day 3

This post was submitted by Catherine Tipton, one of Missouri FCCLA's 2009-10 national officer candidates. She is with the group of FCCLA officers attending the USA Training Phase II Capitol Leadership program in Washington, D.C.

Being in Washington, D.C., has been exciting but also exhausting! This morning our group didn't think we would be able to be energized, but after a few classic "Cupid Shuffle" and "Jump on It" dances, we were ready to hear guest speaker Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Two quotes from her that made me think were "knowledge is power" and "find a passion...educate yourself."

Not only are these quotes extremely applicable to everyday life, but to FCCLA directly. As officers, we are aware that we should try our best to represent and be knowledgeable about this great organization. We take great pride in that and embrace our responsibilities.

Today we have focused on goals. We set 100 goals in different areas of our life. FCCLA is one of them, of course! A question I was faced with that I would like answered with your help is...How could I become more visible in our state? Better yet, how can the state officers become more visible in our state? How can officers make themselves more accessible to members for advice and encouragement?

Thank you again for this great opportunity and privilege of being on the 2009-2010 SEC!

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