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Fashion Design with a Science Twist

Today I'm sharing with you several online resources I think could truly be of interest to students who are serious about careers in fashion design with a science twist. I hope you find them as interesting as I do.

This You Tube video (also posted on the Threadbanger website) showcases Diana Eng, who has recently released her book "Fashion Geek." You might remember Diana from her stint on Project Runway. Be sure to visit her Fashion Nerd blog.

Really serious about your science? Look at the Science Fashion Lab for research by Jenny Tillotson using nanotechnology, analytical chemistry, perfumery and fashion design. Smart Second Skin clothing could be used in medicine to as a potential delivery method for live-saving drugs or to e-mail the doctor when you are under the weather. Fascinating!
If you have more fashion/textile science resources you think would be of interest to students preparing for a career in the fashion or textile industry, please share by posting a comment. Thanks so much!

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