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Teaching about Digital Citizenship Yet?

I would be curious to know how many family and consumer sciences teachers discuss the topic of "digital citizenship" "digital footprints" or "digital tattoos" with their students. At the Moving at the Speed of Creativity blog by Wes Fryer, I saw the following video which I thought was worth sharing.

Digital Dossier - video from YouTube:

This issue of our "digital" life is part of our "real" life now. Are we in family and consumer sciences talking about this in relation to the important topics of family, relationships, consumerism or wellness? If not us, then who? Who is teaching our students how to harness this technology when it comes to their real families and real relationships? I'm not saying that family and consumer sciences teachers drop what they're doing and start teaching about technology. What I am saying is that family and consumer sciences professionals have a long history of taking what's new in science and technology (of the day) and applying it to daily life.

Shouldn't we be doing this now, with this technology?

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