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Chapter Spotlight: Portageville FCCLA, Region 7

This post was written by Tyler Reynolds, Region 7 State Vice President, from Portageville High School

The Portageville High School FCCLA Chapter has a wide variety of things going on this year. We are excited to kick off this year with a big bang! We have come up with great ways to raise money and have been given the option to visit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis Tennessee.

We started the year off with an officer meeting, to discuss what we would like to do as a chapter. We have come up with a lot of great ideas. Our first task for this year is to sell the following items: corn stalks, pumpkins (small, medium, and large), along with straw bales. We will sell these items up until Main Street Madness, which is part of the National Soybean Festival held here in Portageville. We are also planning to sell fruit and adopting a family during the month of December. Through the “Adopt a Family Program” we have seen so much and it has helped us all realize that not everyone is as fortunate as us. I encourage every chapter to try adopting a family because it really helps people realize real life situations.

I am also very excited to tell you that our chapter will get the chance to visit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis Tennessee. We are planning on making hats for the children and being able to see first hand what this hospital is all about. When I called to set up the appointment to visit the hospital I was told that only 14 people were allowed to tour the hospital per group, and that you have to be 16 or older. They encourage you to buy items from the gift shop which helps out with research efforts, and funding. I am very eager to see what will happen and how much of an impact it will make on our chapter.

If you have found any of this information useful and would like to use it for your chapter or region feel free to do so. Just remember you are a leader even if you don’t feel like one!

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