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Is Your Audience Yawning?

It's time for fall regional meeting workshops, chapter meetings, and the state Access FCCLA Conference. As a local, regional, state or national officer, you may be asked to lead a workshop or two. Think about your experiences as a workshop attendee. Were you always engaged? Did you expect to be entertained? Did you ever make fun of the presenter and leave with "well that was boring?"

While some of the learning that takes place in a workshop is the responsibility of the person with their seat in the chair (you need to be a willing participant), much of the workshop atmosphere is the responsibility of the person in front of the audience. That's YOU. And as much as you may know FCCLA and your topic, if you're boring and not at the top of your presentation game, then you nor the audience will leave with "wow, what a great workshop!"

Uh oh.

Are you starting to sweat it a little? Are you getting anxious or nervous? Well, to the rescue comes our friend Rhett Laubach with some tips for presenters from his blog " Authenticity Rules."

I recommend you take a few minutes and read the tips Rhett has supplied. Also I suggest that you click on the link "For Student Leaders" on the right side of the blog page. There are currently 56 posts there that will help you be a better presenter.

You'll be glad you spent a few minutes learning these tips and implementing them. And trust me, so will your audience. Good luck with your presentations this year in FCCLA!

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