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Digital Media Camp - Day 2

Today the Digital Media Camp participants had great discussions on issues of copyright. As you might guess, there were more questions than we had answers. We definitely need more inservice on what is permitted and what is not for classroom use and then for posting work online. (In the meantime, you're invited to look at the resources we've posted on our Digital Media Camp wiki).

In the afternoon, time and much energy was spent on writing scripts. Many of the teachers are like me, very adept at technical writing, but find it much more difficult to write stories. Definitely a learning process for many of us.

Finally, we practiced with Audacity. I think some of the group had a little fear about using it, but quickly realized it was not hard at all, just something new to learn.
The group is really busy, learning so much about a variety of digital media, and definitely on a mission to finish their digital stories by Friday.

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