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Day 1 - Digital Media Camp

Today was the first day of the Missouri FCCLA Digital Media Camp. 15 family and consumer sciences teachers worked with two eMINTS trainers (Julie and Terri) today to begin to understand the elements of digital storytelling and to begin formulating the plans for their own digital stories.

Not only did the group look at the basics of digital stories, but we also began weaving in other tools that can be used professionally and in the classroom. During the introductory digital stories discussion the group also learned about wikis, the social bookmarking tool Delicious, and website building tools like Weebly. Many of the resources we reviewed today can be found at the Missouri FCCLA Wikispace site.

Tomorrow the group begins working with Audacity and script writing. We're already a few minutes behind on our schedule due to some technical glitches (computers that wouldn't quite cooperate) but I think we'll make up that time tomorrow. What a great group of family and consumer sciences teachers/FCCLA advisors - they are good thinkers, hard workers, and quite a creative bunch. But not artistic - according to our drawings on our name tents and posters, it's a good thing we didn't try to become art teachers. (Sorry no photos of that work needed to be taken!)

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