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Lamar FCCLA's Adolescent Nutrition Grant

Thanks to Linda Eggerman, Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher and FCCLA Advisor from Lamar High School for sharing this with us!

Forty three Lamar FCCLA co-curricular members have participated in a four month adolescent nutrition education grant in collaboration with the University of Missouri Extension. Tammy Roberts, Registered Dietician, wrote and applied for the grant. The students have participated in monthly activities, workshops, demonstrations and interviews. The finalization of the project was the designing of a t-shirt and a You Tube presentation about healthy nutrition. All of the students submitted a t-shirt design. The winning shirt design was submitted by a sophomore member. Her design for the front of the shirt said "Break the Fast" with a fried egg under it. The back of the shirt held a poem she wrote which said:

"Jane ate a slice of toast
She likes cinnamon the most
She drank some juice
Buckled her shoes
Then off to school she went
The next day
It was almost the same
Except she had some eggs
She covered it with cheese
She seemed pleased
Off again she went
The next morning
It was storming
She was running late
She hurried to school
Stomach not full
She failed her math test
If only she'd ate
She could concentrate
But it was already done
The next day
She was late
But she grabbed some toast
She rushed to school
Her day was cool
And she never missed breakfast again.

Each student who participated in the grant wrote at least one You Tube Production script. These ideas were screened by Communication Arts students enrolled in a south central Missouri high school. The winning plots and scripts were: “What’s For Supper?”; “I Should Have Eaten Breakfast”; “ Go Foods-Slow Foods” and “Nutrition Ninjas”. This has been a unique and fun learning experience for all the co-curricular FCCLA students.
This is a nice example of a project that could be done with any FCCLA chapter in nutrition & wellness and health classes. Take it a step further and it can be submitted for FCCLA's Student Body award program or utilized in at least one FCCLA STAR Event, such as Applied Technology.

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