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Digital Media Camp - Day 3

Day 3 of Digital Media Camp found the participants learning about storyboarding. A majority of the participants used the paper storyboard versions but a few stepped out and used electronic versions. We learned more about citing sources in our work - you can see some of the sites we reviewed from our Digital Media Camp wiki.

We were very excited to find several more free music sites - we looked specifically at Many music sites will allow educators to use free music in the classroom setting, but the music is not allowed to be used in a work that is posted online. Since all of the work that we are doing this week will be posted online, we want to make sure that the music we chose was appropriate for that use. Many of the popular, recognizable songs cannot be used in projects that will be posted online (at least if the song is used in its' entirety or more than the allowable time limit). When working with students, you may not initially plan for their work to be placed online, but students may choose to post their work online, and if so, you would not want their work to be pulled from sites like YouTube due to copyright issues with music.

Many of the participants began recording their audio tracks using Audacity. Most of the participants are using PC's so their stories are being edited through Microsoft Movie Maker. Several quickly learned that in Movie Maker, one must save their work frequently, as Movie Maker seems to have a tendency to "freeze."

Today we also introduced Skype, Elluminate and Twitter. (As a result I have some new Tweeps!)

Day 4 will be a huge workday for the group, as participants will continue recording, finding images and music, and of course, editing.

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