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Youth Sessions, Adult Assembly, and Gators???

The day started off with sessions for youth and adults - one that many students said they really liked was the one by Allyson Knox from Microsoft on "21st Century Careers and You." The issue of the global economy was brought to the forefront with her presentation. Did you know that for some Microsoft jobs, they can receive 150,000 applications - from across the globe? That was just one item that Ms. Knox used to illustrate to students that they must be competitive, think creatively, and always be willing to learn something new. Advisors were challenged by keynote speaker Dr. Adolph Brown, III who spoke on "Closing the Achievement Gap." Congratulations to our advisors who received Master Advisor, Advisor Mentor, and the Spririt of Advising Awards.

The Missouri state event was held today at Gatorland - yes Gatorland! We have to admit we had some reservations about the venue - would we really like an event involving alligators? While reptiles are not everyone's favorite thing, there really was something for everyone - from the educational exhibits to the shows. The shows we saw involved exotic animals, gator wrestling, and the a gator feeding show, where you get to see those huge gators jump out of the water! After the park closed at 6 p.m., the Missouri group had a private event with a picnic, an animal show, and an alligator feeding experience. Check out all of the pictures with the scorpion, tarantula, burmese python, and of course, the American alligator. We learned more than we thought we ever would about these animals. Most everyone couldn't believe they were "up close and personal" to these creatures - what an experience! Definitely a new experience for everyone in our group and for most, something they really enjoyed.

And of course, it rained for about 5 hours when we were there. But, we were mostly under covered walkways and pavilions, so at least no one got soaked. Be sure to find out if those you know who attended the meeting did "rookie gator wrestling" or had their photo taken with the python wrapped around their shoulders.

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