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Rainy Days with FCCLA (In Orlando)

Tuesday in Orlando began very early for several of Missouri's STAR Events participants, room consultants, and evaluators. STAR Events presentations began as early as 8 am and several Missourians were up before the sun rose in the "Sunshine State" (Which is not so sunny!) Later in the afternoon members attended the Business Meeting where Missouri won an award for largest membership increase in the central region and national officers were announced. Immediately following these two events, 400 volunteers made their way to a Feed The Children Event. FCCLA has helped to raise $218,977 across the nation; part of this money provided 10 semi trucks loaded with boxes of food, toiletries, and other necessities that these FCCLA volunteers passed out to families. About thirty minutes into the Feed the Children event, we were singin' in the rain (quite literally) and the event was called off due to the poor weather conditions. Needless to say, Florida is not quite the Sunshine State it is made out to be... or at least not during Nationals! (This post was made by Felisha, the Missouri A&A Assistant)

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