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Thursday is the last day of NLM

Thursday morning all of the STAR Events participants will find out if they are bronze, silver or gold medalists. We will also be able to see demonstrations for some of the new STAR Events to be added to FCCLA, such as "Touch the Future-Teach!" Thursday afternoon the new 08-09 National Executive Council will be installed and the president will be announced. After this session, delegates may choose to attend the FCCLA Gala where they will celebrate the fabulous flavors of Florida with lots of loud music and dancing.

Updates will be posted on Friday with more information about how Missouri STAR Events participants fared. Many of the teachers attending this meeting will be returning home on Friday or Saturday but will travel again on Monday for the Missouri ACTE/MoEFACS Summer Inservice Conference in Springfield. These are dedicated and exemplary professional educators - we are proud to have them as part of Missouri FCCLA!

We hope you have enjoyed this blog - let us know what you think and if you have suggestions. Thanks!

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