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It's Social Media Advocacy Day for CTE

It's February 17, about the middle of CTE (Career and Technical Education) Month.  What have you done to promote CTE to your community this month? 

It's really easy to participate in CTE Social Media Advocacy Day -and if you don't read this until after February 17, that's okay, too.  Because really, as CTE professionals, EACH DAY is a day to advocate for career education, family and consumer sciences, and FCCLA.

Each day we use skills learned in family and consumer sciences.  Most of us rise in the morning blessed to have a place, a home, to call our own.  And for those that don't have a home, many dream of having one.  Most of us head to a kitchen  - where we find clean water and something to eat that will sustain us for a few hours.  Most of us then begin to work - whether at home with a family, school, office, or in a salon, hospital, behind a counter, or driving a vehicle.  We have skills and knowledge that we put to use to make our lives better as well as those we serve.  And if we're really fortunate, our work fulfills us and we leave tired, but ready to do it all over again. 

Each day we solve practical, perennial problems that require creative and critical thinking.  Our problems often overlap between our family, career, and community. And, because of family and consumer sciences and the focus of on our multiple roles of family member, wage earner and community leader, we develop skills for life.  (Yes, that is taken directly from the FCCLA Mission statement).

So, even if you miss CTE Social Media Advocacy Day today, you can advocate for CTE and for family and consumer sciences each day anyway.  Remind a legislator how important your work is.  Tell a friend about the great projects or service projects your "kids" are doing.  Share how impressed you are with that student who gave a speech in front of a room full of strangers.  Explain how excited your student was when they learned they landed their first job.  And the list goes on and on.....

Happy CTE Month and thanks for all you do for family and consumer sciences and FCCLA.

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