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It's FCCLA Week - Join The Party Online!

It’s FCCLA Week! Join us online for a week of celebration of “the ultimate leadership experience.” To start things off, make your Facebook or Twitter profile picture “red hot” by using the FCCLA poster, emblem, or a picture of you in FCCLA red. Then, join in the following online activities:

Membership Monday – update your social networks with the number of members in your local FCCLA chapter

Talk it Up Tuesday – use today’s update to talk up FCCLA to your friends! Share something that you’ve done in FCCLA that reflects the ultimate leadership experience

Wonderful Wednesday – Without advisors, FCCLA couldn’t happen! Post something today to honor your chapter advisor.

Toward New Horizons Thursday – post today about how your FCCLA experiences are helping you prepare for your future career

Fact Friday – update your status today to share a fact about FCCLA

Service Saturday – update your status today and share a FCCLA service project that you felt was valuable.

Enjoy your week, FCCLA!  Join the FCCLA week party via Twitter or Facebook - see you there!

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