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How Will You Use MoneyClips?

Missouri FCCLA has been fortunate to partner with American Century Investments as they generously sponsor the Missouri LifeSmarts program. Not only do our LifeSmarts teams benefit from the financial sponsorship, but all students can benefit from the educational resources provided through American Century Investments. The MoneyClips eNews Center and the Yes, You Can website has materials for both students and teachers.

MoneyClips offers real-world, hands-on journalism experience combined with financial knowledge for articles and broadcasts that share relevant information students can use today and tomorrow as they begin their adult lives. Each release comes with interview tips and sample questions so students can customize the information to fit their audience's interests.  MoneyClips would be great to use on chapter websites, in Financial Fitness programs, or in school newspapers, or other school or parent publications.

Some of the topics currently included in MoneyClips address identify theft, student debt, and over-scheduling. Educators are encouraged to sign up to receive free access to curriculum and email announcement of enhancements to the program and new resources.


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  1. Great site for learning about money! Thank you for sharing it and congratulations on the partnership.