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Career Day with Brunswick FCCLA

Brunswick High School Career Day

By Rodger L., Brunswick HS student

September 15th Career Day took place at Brunswick R-II High School. There were 12 speakers that brought messages to the students of Brunswick, Northwestern, Keytesville and Hale Schools. Participants listened to each speaker for 23 minutes. The activities lasted all day. Listed below is some of the wisdom and thoughts brought to everyone by the speakers.

  • Chris Hughes, County Sherriff, brought to us the duties of the sheriff, what takes place in his everyday job, some specifics about arrests being made, and what he likes and dislikes about his job. I personally enjoyed how he takes his job seriously, but that he doesn’t mind joking around too.
  • Jeanette Frock from the Sew Sweet Quilt Shop talked about how she decided to open her shop and what she had to do to open it.
  • Bill Jackson, from AgriServices of Brunswick LLC brought to us how he got started in the business, as well as about his previous job at Monsanto before AgriServices was born. In addition to that, he told us when applying for a job, how important a firm handshake, and proper dress are.
  • Larry McCurry, the owner of the Brookfield, Carrollton, and Lexington McDonalds,  told us about the jobs available in the McDonalds Corporation. He also informed us about how much the salary of the different positions is, how he started out, worked his way up in McDonalds, and how he got to where he is today.
  • Blake Riley, Pharmacist from Hometown Pharmacy in Carrollton, explained about the pharmacy field, how hard the schooling is to get into, and how there is only one pharmacy school in the state of Missouri. He also told some of the things that his job involves. Interacting with people and being precise were two of the qualities that he stressed.
  • Dr. Tom Jones and Richie Bigham both from the UMKC Dental School told us about the dental field and what it has to offer. Also discussed were some facts about dental health, and how it affects other areas of your body.
  • Clay Creech and Chris Checher, both conservation agents from Chariton County shared information about their jobs, and how they act as law enforcement just like deputies and sheriffs. They also told us what areas in college that you can major in to become a conservation agent, and how they worked their way up in the field.
  • Chuck Riley, Carrollton ASC Office Manager, stressed the importance of college and how it will affect your job choice and opportunities in life. He also stressed the ability to be independent, be a hard worker, and to make good grades in college.
  • Reggie Simms from Simms Tax Services in Brunswick told us about the everyday life of an accountant, and when the busiest time of the year for him is; January to April of every year. Points that were stressed were being accurate, working hard, putting in long hours, and knowing how to do math quickly and efficiently to expedite work.
All in all, Career Day at Brunswick High School turned out to be a success. A special thanks goes out to our Family and Consumer Sciences teacher and FCCLA Advisor, Beth Warren, who planned the event and made everything happen and run smoothly.

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  1. Sounds like a really successful event and a great variety of careers represented!