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Chapter Spotlight: Ste. Genevieve FCCLA

Submitted by Megan Fleeman, Missouri FCCLA 1st Vice President

Get a Clue on Identity Theft

On Wednesday February 24th, the Ste. Genevieve High School FCCLA hosted a “Get a Clue on Identity Theft.” This event was to inform the public about the many ways identity can be stolen and how to prevent it. Over 9 million people each year are affected by identity theft. During the interactive skit, the public had the opportunity to figure out who stole “Unlucky Lucy’s” identity. There were desserts provided as well as fruit drinks. At the end of the night, four winners were randomly drawn. There were three shredders given away as well as one netbook.

While planning this event, the chapter incorporated the national Financial Fitness program. The “Get a Clue on Identity Theft” was to inform people how to watch the things they do when it comes to money and bills. This event was to show people ways to protect themselves from getting trapped. Methods of protecting oneself could be using shredders and going directly to the post office with bills instead of just putting them in the mail box. This experience informed the public about protecting themselves about making wise decisions with their money. For this night to be a success the event was funded by Youth Service America through a Saving America’s Future grant.

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  1. Great idea for an event, we need more of those.