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This week's Missouri FCCLA Advisor VIP is Kathy Kagay, from Maysville High School. Her son, Britt, is a current member of the State Executive Council and nominated his mom for this recognition. Here's what he had to say -

Mrs. Kagay has been the long-time FCCLA advisor at Maysville High School. She has always been encouraging to members in all aspects of FCCLA and has never turned down a challenge. Growing up around the Maysville chapter, I have noticed the many hours she has put into FCCLA. She helps students step out of their comfort zones and helps them accomplish things they never dreamed possible. She is retiring after this year but I know she will always be part of FCCLA. My mother, Mrs. Kagay, has changed Maysville FCCLA forever, for the better.

Congratulations Kathy Kagay!
You're a Missouri FCCLA VIP!

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