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Missouri FCCLA Advisor VIP - Renee Meents

Renee Meents, from Greenfield High School, is this week's advisor VIP!  Here is what her nominator submitted:

Renee Meents has been advising FCCLA chapters for about 30 years.  She has taught in the Lockwood and Greenfield schools districts.  This year she has three regional officers, including president.  Many people, after teaching 30 years, wouldn't be enthused about starting a NEW project, but Mrs. Meent's FCCLA chapter hosted a haunted school at Halloween, which was a very successful fundraiser.  Something else not every teacher would do, but she did, was to spend the night in a cardboard box with her studnets as part of a community service project. 

Her classes are full, and this year she has 77 members in her FCCLA chapter.  It is a joy to work with her in Region 11.  If changes things in our region means that FCCLA members benefit, she is willing to change.  She is a great mentor to new (and not-so-new) advisors in our region, as well as active in MoACTE and MoEFACS.  Thank you, Mrs. Meents, for being a valuable part of Region 11 and Missouri FCCLA!

Congratulations Renee Meents, you're a Missouri FCCLA VIP!


  1. Region 11 is the BEST region in Missouri and one of the reasons is Renee! Thank you for all you do!
    Susan Herbert
    Seneca HS

    FCCLA Rocks!

  2. Congrats to Renee... You make the entire state proud of the education that we offer!!! Keep on doing what you do best