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Seeing Stars

Submitted by Amanda Heflin. She is blogging as part of the FCCLA Media Team during State Conference.

Sharetta, Martavia, and Jasymine from Malden High are the stars today. When we say stars we mean Star Event Participants. As students sat in the hallway preparing to compete they told us about their project for the Chapter Service STAR Event. Their project helped feed the less fortunate. They hosted food drives, prepared Thanksgiving meals, and donated over 900 pounds of food! Keep up the good work girls!

Stars from Stanberry High School told us about how they were trying to get people to have more family meals together. By cooking meals and sending out order forms to restaurants they helped promote family dinners. Good luck today Stanberry members.

You can check out other STAR Events during the demonstrations this afternoon in the Windsor Ballrooms or by viewing the STAR Event displays and manuals in the Expo Center at 4:30 p.m.

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  1. I love that goal of getting families to eat more meals together, great idea!