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FCCLA Media Team

What’s going on with the FCCLA Media Team? Several members, advisors, and guests have asked what is going on with all of the laptops and cameras they are seeing at the conference. This year the conference is being covered on a whole new level.

Fifteen FCCLA members and advisors are busy interviewing, taking pictures and video, and blogging about conference activities. Students applied to be a part of the Media Team during the conference. They are learning more about members, speakers, and conference events by serving on the team. If you see Media Team members around they would love to hear what you are doing in your school and community.


  1. It has been fun to follow via blogs and Tweets, thanks for including the rest of us this way.

  2. I was very impressed by the students who were working on the media team. They are an awesome group of students. Kudos to Christine for setting up and organizing all the social media this year for FCCLA.