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Help Missouri FCCLA Win $25,000!

Since March 1, Missouri FCCLA has been asking members, advisors, alumni and friends to vote for their entry in the Pepsi Refresh Project.  Pepsi is giving away 1.3 million dollars - and Missouri FCCLA has an entry for $25,000 that was selected as a finalist for voting.  We started off in the 200's and have moved all the way up to 65th place.  But, we can only get funded if we make it to the top 10.  

We need your help!

Our proposal is to "help teacher integrate digital media into their classrooms" through a series of digital media mini-camps during summer 2010.  These mini-camps will take place in each of Missouri FCCLA's 14 regions and will help family and consumer sciences teachers learn more about digital technology and how it can be used by both the teacher and the student.  Most teachers want to learn about technology, but they just don't have the time to practice and explore on their own.  Winning this $25,000 can go a long way to helping family and consumer sciences teachers learn more about digital media so that students can use these tools for achievement in class and in FCCLA.  You can read about our project idea at

We only have 7 days left to vote - please sign up (it only takes an e-mail account) and vote daily until March 31 for our project.  During the recent FCCLA State Leadership Conference, we heard time and again from STUDENTS that they really hope their teachers can participate in these mini-camps.  The students lined up to vote during the conference.  Now how about you?

Thanks so much - we really appreciate your help (and your votes!)