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Ribbon Mania!!

Photo by D. Kirby

Hey, how'd you get that ribbon?  And why do you have so many of them?

For the past few years (I think two?) Missouri FCCLA has distributed ribbons as a way of recognizing chapters that participate in several state and national FCCLA programs.  After seeing groups like the one above with ribbons galore, it seems like everyone wanted to know how to get those ribbons for their own chapter. 

For national FCCLA programs such as Community Service or STOP the Violence, chapters must submit an online awards application by March 1 (not just the program summary form).  To receive the Teen Times ribbon, a chapter must submit an article to Teen Times (and copy the state advisor).  For these kinds of recognition, every chapter member will receive one of those ribbons in their chapter packet. 

To receive a Power of One ribbon (which is an individual program, not a group or team) 5-unit completers must submit their recognition form to the state office by March 1.  All STAR Events participants will also receive ribbons at the state conference.

This is a list of the ribbons available this year:

Career Connection
Community Service
Families First
FEFE Program
Financial Fitness
Power of One
RACE Into Reading
Show Me 5
STAR Events Participant
STAR Events Consultant
STOP the Violence
Student Body
Teen Times

It will be great to see how many ribbons all the members are wearing this year.  It's an easy and fun way to show our appreciation for the hard work it takes to accomplish the goals of each of those programs and activities. 

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  1. Ribbons, ribbons, and more ribbons. Good luck to all of the FCCLA members as they work toward earning those ribbons and meeting their goals.