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FCCLA Week Contest!

February 7-13, 2010 is FCCLA Week! 

To celebrate, we're holding a contest!  Submit a comment to this blog post telling us what your chapter is doing this week to celebrate, and you'll be entered into a contest to win one of ten Missouri FCCLA logo items - water bottles, photo frames, keychains, etc.   Be sure to include your chapter name so we know where to send your prize!

The contest closes on Friday, February 13 at 11:59 p.m.  Winners will be announced on Monday, February 15.   Good luck and happy FCCLA week!


  1. Students from Mark Twain High School will be attending the ACTE Legislative Day at the Capitol, this Wednesday, February 10. We will meet with Senator Wes Shoemeyer and Representative Rachel Bringer. Students will learn the importance of being involved in local and state issues that impacts our families and communities.

  2. Students from Chillicothe High School will be serving lunch Tuesday and Thursday at the House of Prayer; which serves free meals two days a week.

  3. Students from Seneca FCCLA started out FCCLA Week by displaying 8 posters around the school each stating one of the FCCLA purposes. Each day an FCCLA logo is hidden somewhere in the school with a hint read over the intercom after the pledge. The student who finds the logo turns it in for a box of Valentine candy. Tuesday is Member Appreciation day with ice cream sundaes for members at lunch. Wednesday is Teacher Appreciation with members bringing baked goods for the staff. Thursday is delivery of the Valentine Crushes sold all week with the proceeds going to CMN. FCCLA Rocks!!!

  4. Students from Lathrop High School will be sponsoring a food drive for their local food pantry with a theme for each day such as Tuna Tuesday. In addition, they are hosting a pizza and birthday party for all CTE students to celebrate FCCLA's 65th Birthday this year. Students from all three CTE organizations will be competing against each other on Wednesday in a friendly competition to spread the word about CTE. Finally, FCCLA will thank the faculty and staff at Lathrop High School for their support with a waffle breakfast on Thursday morning.

  5. We are hosting a jeans drive for the 3rd annual teens for jeans drive our goal for the week is 250 pairs!! Teens for jeans is sponsered by Aeropostale and

  6. Portageville High School is having Shush and Hush day. In which Monday all of the girls get a heart and aren't allowed to talk to the boys, but if they do they will have to give their heart away, the boys will do it the follwing day and will not be able to talk to the girls. We are also having a perfect Lips contest where the student body will vote to see whcih student has teh best lips. My chapter has also decided to choose this week to sell Krispy Kreme Dounuts and Coffee in which we will be donating the money to the Children's Miracel Network.

  7. Pilot Grove FCCLA started the week off with "Wake Up to FCCLA" where members wore their pjs to school and had donuts/cinnamon rolls and juice in the FACS room before school. At lunchtime FBLA members joined us for a Taco Bar. Other planned activities include preparing and serving lunch to the faculty and staff, serving a cup 0'fruit to all students as a Student Body Activity, and dressing from the past as we celebrate the 65th Birthday of FCCLA.

    Sharon Nave, Advisor

  8. West County High School is hosting a Teens for Jeans Drive sponsored by Aeropostale and We are also having a competition between teachers. Students vote for their favorite teachers (a penny a vote) to dress up in sumo suits and compete against each other to answer trivial questions about FCCLA Week. On Friday, we will hold a school assemble and members of our local FCCLA council will talk about all the different FCCLA programs through speeches, poems, videos, and even a guest speaker from the Missouri State Patrol!

    Brandon Moore, West County FCCLA Reporter

  9. Scott City FCCLA has a different theme for each day of FCCLA Week. On Monday, the theme was "Get Rollin' With FCCLA" and members were given Fruit Roll Ups, on Tuesday, the theme was "Get Poppin' With FCCLA" and members were given a fruit juice popsicle. Numbered, heart shaped stickers stating "I Love FCCLA" were given to members on Wednesday. Throughout the day, numbers were drawn and the lucky "winners" received prizes. Thursday will be "FCCLA Spirit Day" and members will be wearing red and white. Unfortunately, we are not in school on Friday.

    Jane Poole, Scott City Advisor

  10. Dixon FCCLA Chapter has jumped right into FCCLA week with the following activities:

    Monday - Teacher Appreciation Day (Continental Breakfast and a goody bag of chocolate candy bars with a poem on Teacher Appreciation)

    Tuesday - Club T-shirt Day

    Wednesday - Student/Teacher Switch Day - students dress like teachers and teachers dress like students (contest for the best dress)

    Thursday - Time Period Day - dress in your favorite time period clothing

    Friday - Business Appreciation Day - make gift baskets for local business to show our appreciation for all they do for FCCLA throughout the year.

    All week you may join FCCLA for the year 2010-11 at a discount price, saving $5.00!!

  11. St. Joseph Central FCCLA Chapter started off FCCLA week with an Ice Skating party after school. Students wore red on Wednesday. Also Wednesday morning before school FCCLA members served a continental breakfast to Central's staff. At the end of the week Central's chapter will send off a box of Haiti 4 Kids hygiene items.

    Linda Geib/Advisor

  12. Trenton High School partnered with FBLA to celebrate Career and Technical month. Students were on the local radio program Open Line to promote our programs. This is a 30 minute radio program for our community. On teacher/staff appreciation day all were served subway sandwiches during lunch and on member appreciation day all members in their FCCLA shirt will receive pizza during their lunch shift. The following national programs were featured during the week. Stop the Violence - family game night, catch the kindness wrist bands. FACTS - police officer spoke to sophomore homeroom students. Two seniors who were involved in a serious wreck at the beginning of school also spoke. During student appreciation day all students received free ice cream sundaes with their lunch. Just for fun we had a hush day where boys and girls couldn't talk to each other, candy guessing contest during lunch and hidden logos in the classrooms and school.

  13. The Tipton Chapter of FCCLA is celebrating FCCLA week in many ways. Officers kicked off the week by selling Rose-kisses to fellow students as a fundraiser. A Teacher Trivia will be held where students try to guess which teacher facts go with which teacher. Wednesday the Nutrition and Wellness class and Foods class hosted a members only Spaghetti lunch, complete with garlic bread, side salad, and chocolate peanut butter cupcakes. Thursday members will wear chapter t-shirts and take a group photo for the yearbook. Friday the chapter is preparing a lunch for the teachers. ~Bryanna

  14. Puxico FCCLA made our FCCLA week all about helping causes.
    Monday-BREAST CANCER AWARENESS(wear pink and get a ribbon)
    Tuesday- CHILDRENS MIRACLE NETWORK (wear yellow and orange)
    Wednesday-MARCH OF DIMES (wear purple and bring in dimes)
    Thursday-FCCLA COLORS (wear Fccla shirt and decorate lockers with the fccla purposes)
    Friday- PJ Day (wear your pj's and sleep in a bit for a great week!)

  15. These are great ideas! Such creativity in everyone's chapters. :-) Congratulations to the following chapters - you'll receive an FCCLA logo item in your mailbox soon!

    West County
    Scott City
    St. Joseph Central