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Missouri FCCLA Advisor VIP - Beth Waldrup

This week's Missouri FCCLA Advisor VIP is Beth Waldrup from the Nevada Regional Technical Center.  Her co-advisor Louise Lunkenheimer had this to say:

Beth Waldrup is a 2nd year advisor for our FCCLA chapter.  She has become very active, very fast!  This year her students have raised $500 for FCCLA's Dig It Campaign for the Children's Miracle Network.  Beth is currently mentoring a student who wants to run for office next year.  She has also served as a STAR Events room consultant at the regional, state, and national levels.  In my eyes, she's a shining star!  She believes in FCCLA and all that it does for students.

Beth always goes above and beyond for her students and our FCCLA chapter.  Even though I teach culinary arts, and she teaches early childhood careers, my students are her students and her students are mine as far as FCCLA is concerned.  It's great to work closely on a daily basis with such a professional.

Congratulations Beth Waldrup - you're a Missouri FCCLA Advisor VIP! 


  1. I wanted to say thank you to Louise for her kind words and for all of her support! She is the one who deserves recognition. I wouldn't be where I am today without her. You are my VIP, Louise!

  2. Beth is awesome!! I have spent time with her as part of the Best Region in the State of Missouri, Region 11, and also at State STAR Events! You Rock, Beth! Congratulations!!! Susan Herbert, Seneca FCCLA