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Chapter Spotlight - Humansville FCCLA

(Submitted by D.J., Fonteneau, Region 10 State Vice President)

During the last few weeks I have learned how competitive a penny can be, when someone offers pizza as an incentive. The Humansville FCCLA chapter has taken a step toward helping our local Children’s Miracle Network hospital. With a humanitarian thought in mind, the Humansville FCCLA members sponsored a friendly competition called a “Penny War” for a good reason. To begin the competition we showed the FCCLA promotional video “My Dreams” at our kick off assembly, so that students would understand what the money would be used for. In the assembly we also addressed when the competition started, when it ended, how points were awarded, who was competing, and most importantly what was a stake “PIZZA!” There were cans decorated for seventh grade, eighth grade, freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and staff located in the high school office. For the competitors to earn positive points all they had to do is drop a penny in their can, and the group with the most points wins.

Photo submitted by J. Hankinson

Sure that is simple enough but there is a catch. If a class wanted to be sneaky and ensure their class had a better chance of winning, all they had to do is add silver change or dollar bills of any amount in the class can that they did not want to win. The silver change and dollar bills subtracted points for the unfortunate class. Now the class with the most positive points was in the lead, and yes we had classes with negative points.

 This competition was very competitive and raised $512.21 for the Children’s Miracle Network in a very short time. The seventh grade out smarted the rest of the grades and staff to win the pizza party. This gave recognition to the FCCLA chapter and promoted a worthy cause.

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  1. What a neat idea for a fundraiser, I'll have to pass that suggestion on here. Nice job, the Children's Miracle Network will be blessed by it!