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Missouri FCCLA VIP - Cathy Boyd

Congrats to Cathy Boyd!  She's been nominated as the very first Missouri FCCLA Advisor VIP - Very Important Person.  The person nominating Cathy had this to say: 

Many advisors in Region 6 deserve recognition but one that deserves an extra pat on the back is Cathy Boyd from Jackson High School.  Cathy has several regional officers and above that has taken responsibility for getting the bus to go to Cluster Meetings for the past several years.  She helps out with every regional conference and workshop, regardless whether her student plays a critical role in the event.  Thanks for what you do, Cathy!

THANK YOU, Cathy Boyd!  You are a Missouri FCCLA VIP!

1 comment:

  1. Cathy is awesome! I did my student teaching with her just a few years ago :) and she was great to work with! She is one of the reasons that Region 6 is so awesome!! Congrats, Cathy!