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A Decade of Missouri FCCLA - Part 1 - State Officers

The 2009-10 State Executive Council met earlier this week to finalize plans for the 2010 State Leadership Conference. It's hard to believe that in just 14 weeks these officers will be on stage performing skits and leading the conference. And I find myself shaking my head that 2010 will soon be here, and with it, the end of a decade. In 2010, FCCLA will be 65 years young, and in 2011, Missouri FCCLA celebrates our 65th birthday. Wow!

With that in mind, over the next few weeks, I'll be posting some memories of the past 10 years of FCCLA (complete with pictures as I have them.) The post today is about the state officers from the past 1o years. I've had the honor of being the state advisor since 1994, and I have met some simply amazing teen leaders in those 15 years. Do you recognize any of them? What memories do you have of the past 10 years?


  1. I had my first state officer in 2007-Audrey Shuler. It was a great experience for her and has helped me be a better advisor for all of my students.

  2. Oh my so many memories... I will never forget the year that I was a state officer. I made so many friends that I still have today, and through that journey decided to become a FACS Teacher and FCCLA Advisor. Hopefully someday I will have a student who has the opportunity to make their own memories as a state officer. GO MISSOURI FCCLA!

  3. This seems so long ago! And then I go off and see Sam at cluster meeting in Louisville this year, haha. So many wonderful memories =)