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Missouri's Family & Consumer Sciences Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Tracey Newman, teacher and FCCLA advisor from Ste. Genevieve High School, as she was recognized as the Missouri Educators of Family and Consumer Sciences (MoEFACS) 2009 Teacher of the Year!

She is an accomplished educator and FCCLA advisor. Here are just a few of her state and national accomplishments:

  • Family Economics and Financial Education (FEFE) Master Teacher

  • Chair, National FCCLA Board of Directors

  • Treasurer and various committee membership, MoEFACS

  • Missouri ACTE and Region III ACTE Outstanding Teacher in Community Service

  • Advised numerous regional, state and national FCCLA officers and candidates

  • Local education awards

  • State and National FCCLA awards

She's been teaching for 20 years, and along the way, she's learned a thing or two. She encourages her peers to find opportunities for students and nudge them a lot, otherwise they never grow. She says it's just as important to find a few opportunities for yourself, too, or you won't grow either. "There is always something new to learn and when we are learning with our students, they are not only learning our content, but they are learning by our example as well. And, if its not any fun, you're doing it wrong!"

Congratulations, Tracey!

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