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Alumni Feature - Where are they Now?

This post was written by Levi Rash, Missouri Alumni & Associates State President

FCCLA Alumni impact the organization even after membership in high school. Here’s a look at what one of our very own Missouri FCCLA Alumni has been up to lately!

Name: Ross McFerron, Class of 2000

FCCLA Chapter: Advance High School, Advance Missouri

FCCLA Participation:
*1995 - State Star Events Winner / National GOLD winner (Parliamentary Procedure)
*1996 - State Star Events Winner / National GOLD winner (Parliamentary Procedure)
*1997-98 Missouri State Vice President - Region 8
*1998-99 Missouri State President
*1999-2000 National President (First "FCCLA" National President)

After high school, Ross went on to study at Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science in 2004 . He then obtained his Juris Doctorate in 2007 from the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law. In college Ross completed an internship with the Speaker Pro Tem of the Missouri House of Representatives. He also served as his campaign manager during the fall election of that year

Today, Ross is currently an Attorney at Osburn, Hine, Yates and Murphy LLC in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. He plans to continue his career as an attorney in Cape Girardeau, stay involved in the community, and hopefully raise a family with his wonderful wife, Alisa.

Ross’s Advice to FCCLA Members: “Stay involved. Step out of your comfort zone. Work hard. Learn how to communicate with other people effectively. And most importantly, maintain your values. Each day I use skills that I first developed during my involvement in FCCLA. Use the organization as a vehicle to do good, make a difference, and prepare yourself for the future.”

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  1. Awesome post!! A great reminder to our members that you should try things that will help you grow and what a great example of a member who has taken the available opportunities then worked hard to achieve success!!!