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Sunday Happenings at National Leadership Conference

Whew! It's around midnight, and I'm finally getting the chance to blog about today's events. We just finished (around 11 p.m.) our state delegation meeting. We had out state photo taken - check out this great looking group.

The conference was buzzing with activity today as state and chapter officers received training at the USA Academy, national officer candidates were interviewed, STAR Events began, and even we state advisors had some business and recognition activities. That's me on the left, receiving my 15 year recognition as a state advisor from my good friend, D. Morris of Oklahoma. I really enjoy working with other state advisors as well as our national FCCLA staff.

We ended the day on a high note because the Missouri delegation was able to meet together for the first time, and closed our meeting with the state officers leading the group in some of the Missouri chants and cheers that will fill the air during the Opening General Session tomorrow night.

Rah Rah Missouri F-C-C-L-A!!!!!

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