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Behind the Scenes...Youth Workshops

Today I attended a youth workshop led by Patrick "B-boy Pac-Man" Perez. Not only did we learn to break out our mad skills by learning to break dance, but we also broke up in teams of 15 and played energizers. After having our fun, things got a bit more serious. We talked about how most people put on a face they just want you to see on the outside, but do they really feel that same way on the inside? What label do you wear? School jock, peppy cheerleader, FCCLA officer.....but do YOU know who you really are? This session helped us all think beyond the labels we put on ourselves.

Submitted by W. Jordan, Region 2 State Vice President

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  1. YO!!! Just wanted to give a mad shout out! The conference was awesome and it was great being able to spend time with all of you! Keep On Dancing!