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Behind the Scenes...Dancing at NLC?

If you've looked at Tuesday's "Day in Review" video, you saw that there was lots of dancing at FCCLA. Not only was there dancing in the aisles (conga lines), but there was dancing in our seats as music boomed in the ballroom. The floor shakes when 6000 people are dancing and having fun! Music and dancing are great ways to energize members and get them excited about being in a BUSINESS session. Great music, dancing, and cheering state associations set the high tempo of the 2009 Business Session here at NLC.

The session started with an exciting dance performance by Patrick Perez. Numerous chapters and members were recognized for the membership, program, and scholarship awards. During the Business Session, the Trenton Republican-Times was honored with the national Outstanding Media Award. We were very excited to have the award recipients there in person!

The session ended with the announcement of the 2009-2010 National Executive Council. The council officer positions have not yet been announced-that will happen at the Closing Session. Missouri went wild when our our Caroline Kirby was introduced on stage as one of the national officers! We're all really proud of her and know she will represent us well on the National Executive Council.

We give the 08-09 National Executive Council and national staff "two thumbs up" for a very successful Business Session. We hope to have this level of excitement at our own 2010 State Leadership Conference.

Submitted by S. Coffey and P. Dimmitt

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