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Behind the Scenes at NLC...Evaluating STAR Events

Participating in FCCLA's competitive events (called STAR Events) provides students a chance to show their talent and their skills on a specific topic. Doing well in STAR Events takes time - time to learn about the event, to improve on skills such as planning and writing, and learning how be more comfortable presenting in front of people. During the National Leadership Conference, I was able to be on the other side of the table in a STAR Events competition - I was an evaluator.

I was assigned to evaluate the Entrepreneurship event. This event recognizes participants who develop a plan for a small business using Family and Consumer Sciences skills and sound business practices. The business must relate to an area of Family and Consumer Sciences education or related occupations. It was amazing to see so many different topics in this event! Some of the projects really went "above and beyond" the required elements for this event, and the presenters blew me away with great ideas and their presentation skills.

STAR Events participants aren't the only ones who learn during this process. I learned so much about what it takes to run a business - which might just come in handy as I continue with my culinary arts program in high school.

I encourage all members to not only participate in a STAR Event (no matter what family and consumer sciences classes you are taking) but to consider evaluating at the state or national leadership conferences.

Submitted by E. Eberhard, Missouri FCCLA's Occupational Representative.

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