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Would You Wear A Shirt Made From Chicken Feathers?

The title of the post isn't a reference to anyone's fashion preferences or style (or lack of), but rather a textile science reference. What, you say you haven't heard about the recycling of agriculture by-products into textiles? Until this morning, I hadn't, either.

Enter "ByteSize Science" from the American Chemical Society. What a great way to learn about interesting science discoveries to be included in family and consumer sciences courses. ByteSize Science has audio and video podcasts on topics that are found in family and consumer sciences courses such as health, nutrition and wellness, food science and textiles. The blog is fairly new (December 2008) so the posts are limited at this time. I hope the blog authors keep posting new podcasts on a regular basis. If you like their posts, send them an encouraging word.
You can subscribe to their podcasts in iTunes, via RSS, and follow them on Twitter.
What a great way for family and consumer sciences programs to help reinforce to our student how science is used in our everyday lives.

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