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Saving Money in Plain English

We all appreciate it when topics are presented in ways that make it easy for us to understand. Common Craft is a company that "makes complex ideas easy to understand using short and simple videos." That's perfect for me, maybe for you, and just maybe for your students.

Their newest video is "Saving Money in Plain English." Sounds like this might just be something to show your students in class - it is timely after all. Did you know that saving money is one of the most popular New Year's Resolutions (according to

The video is only 3 minutes and 50 seconds, so it won't take up much time in your already packed class schedule. You can view Common Craft videos at their website or on YouTube.

Can't get to the video because of filters at school? Try downloading it using Zamzar - see this earlier post for information on Zamzar.

FCCLA Chapters doing a Financial Fitness project may want to include this video in their presentations. It's an important topic for us all!

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