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Texting Your Teen - Mother Load Column

Thanks to an update I receive from ACT Missouri, I found this column - "Texting Gives Parents Key Openings to Kids."

As a parent, I find myself texting my two teenagers more often than not for simple things like "did you get your algebra done," or simply "where are you" to the one who is driving age. I must even admit that instead of yelling downstairs to my son, I'll sometimes text him "dinner is ready." Our entire communication isn't texting of course - we have discussions (although some are brief) and we have our share of heated as well as heart-to-heart conversations.

I have found that texting my kids leaves less room for whining...and does provide some accountability. If my oldest texts that he is on his way, should be there in 10 minutes - then if he isn't, well he has some explaining to do.

How can you (as a teacher or as a FCCLA member) use this article? FCS teachers can use this as a base for a classroom discussion on family communication or communication in general. FCCLA members could use this as a way to talk to their peers about communication through implementing national FCCLA programs such as Families First or the Interpersonal Communications STAR Event.

Whether you agree, or don't agree, with texting as a form of communication, it's here and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. One quote within the article stated “This is Generation Text,” Pasierb said. “We can lament the fact that all this texting is going on, or we can decide to use it to our advantage.”

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