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The Science of Cooking

It's in our name - Family and Consumer SCIENCES - so it is perhaps natural that I point you toward a website called "The Science of Cooking." This site, part of the Exploratorium - museum of science, art, and human perception, is a great way to introduce more science concepts in units of study about nutrition and/or food preparation. It would fit in well at the middle school, but also would be a good add-on for high schoolers that haven't thought about the science of food. It is 'kid friendly' so it may also be a good site to use if FCCLA members wanted to do a project with afterschool programs on the science of cooking. (Sounds like a great STAR Event project to me!)

One fun item - and perhaps applicable now with the holidays and all of the candy that seems to be everywhere this time of year - is the section on the science of candy. Be sure to check out the candy-0-matic!

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